Kendall-Jackson contributes to Earth Day!


Earth Day is just around the corner, and I was pleased to read that the wine world has their hand in contributing.Kendall-Jackson shipped 1.75 million corks to Anthropologie stores for Earth Day! The fashion retailer will use the corks for window displays supporting preservation of cork forests. The 1.75 million wine corks will be dispersed to 153 Anthropologie stores in the United States,Canada and the United Kingdom. This joint awareness effort between the Philadelphia based fashion retailer and the  Oregon based Cork Forest Conservation Alliance (CFCA) will hopefully draw some attention on waste reduction. The unique wine cork display will make its debut on April 22 . Robert Boller, vice president for Kendall-Jackson stated, “This program will help show that when we all work together,even the smallest things can have a positive impact on the planet.” Reading stories such as this one makes it so easy to contribute to a cause. I don’t know about you guys, but from now on , after I finish my bottle of wine I’m tossing my cork in the recycling bin!


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2 responses to “Kendall-Jackson contributes to Earth Day!

  1. ChinnyChinn

    While I do agree that throwing your corks in the recycling bin is a good thought, I myself like to save them. For those of you who know me, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. I do not drink wine as often as most of the followers of this blog, so my collection is not really that large. I have a few pint glasses (ironic) filled with them on a shelf in my kitchen, but my main goal is to save them and make a “cork” board/ bulletin board. I saw a really neat one in a girlfriend’s house. She had a few recent pics and notes pinned to it. She just purchased a frame and arranged the corks until if filled the frame, gluing them to a hard backing. Super cute.

  2. ChinnyChinn I think that’s a great idea ! Also, another form of recycling is decorating. It’s also a great way to remember some of the great wines and times you have had drinking them. Make sure you take a picture and share with us the cork board!

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